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90% Of Breaches Are Attributed to Phishing Campaigns

Mock Phishing Attack and Employee Training Class

We provide key employee training to reduce risk to your business.


  • 90% of breaches are attributed to successful phishing campaigns
  • 4% of employees will click on any given phishing campaign
  • Companies are nearly three times more likely to be breached by social attacks than by network vulnerabilities
  • Employee education is essential

How can we help?


Phishing attacks,

such as ransomware and email campaigns can compromise your business network, security and data. Ray Morgan Company runs email phishing exercises within your organization to best determine how prepared your staff are for these kinds of attacks. Our exercise will provide a report of phishing events and recommended “self-training” modules for your staff. Employee education is essential if you do not want your business to be part of the daily phishing catch.

Phishing Mock Attack Process

  • You provide a list of all employee email addresses that you want targeted.
  • A baseline test is scheduled to determine your company’s current susceptibility to phishing.
  • A report is sent to the main contact daily to see the progress.
  • 5-10 days after the first attack finishes, a training class is conducted to cover the results and how to identify phishing emails. 15 training classes that last 5 min each are provided but the first 5 are recommended for this training session.
  • About 15 days later a follow up test is conducted with the same reports.
  • This is an example of what RMC Managed IT can do for you.





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